Berriver Long Bien apartment for rent with furnished, unfurnished

Crystallized from the love of Hanoi, Berriver Long Bien offers a convenient, modern but no less sweet living enviroment in the heart of Hanoi. Prime location, modern conveniences, contemporary design, perfect living space are wonderful feeling when you are living here.

Scale of Berriver Long Bien Apartment Rent
This apartment development in Long Bien is situated at 390 Nguyen Van Cu, Long Bien District, Hanoi. The investor is Hanoi Construction And Investment Joint Stock Company No. 9  (HANCO 9). Berriver Long Bien has been built in a land property of 30.000sqm, including five 22-storey towers. With total area are up to 30.000sqm, Berriver Long Bien is consisted of 5 towers: NO1, NO2, NO3, NO4, NO5.

All towers have been meticulously cared from design, arrangement, lanscapes to artchitecture. Berriver Long Bien apartment have been rationally divided, living spaces seems to be blended with airy and spacious area, creating elegance and comfort in harmony with nature and overwhelmed with sunlight.

Location of Berriver Long Bien apartment building
Situated at 390 Nguyen Van Cu, Long Bien, Hanoi, Berriver Long Bien is just 3km from the center of capital, lied on many routes that connects to downtown and other neighbor provinces such as: Hung Yen, Hai Duong, Bac Ninh, Bac Giang etc. This is a key factor in connecting transportation from this project to surrounding areas, providing conveniences for residents.


  • Surrounded by school system
  • Ai Mo primary school: 0.76km
  • Bo De secondary school: 0.64km
  • Well Spring International School: 0.64km
  • Nguyen Gia Thieu high school: 0.39km
  • Ngoc Lam secondary school: 0.16km
  • Ngoc Lam primary school: 0.09km
  • Gia Thuy secondary school: 1.02km
  • Gia Thuy primary school: 1.08km

Berriver Long Bien Apartment Sizes
Berriver Long Bien apartments are varied areas of apartments for rent: 65,1m2; 70,7m2; 88,5m2; 90,8m2; 93,3m2; 109,9m2; 120,9m2 with 2 or 3 bedrooms, project apartments are suitable with the need and financial ability of many types of customer.

The apartments in Berriver Long Bien for rent are very well organized to have full use of each room area, each windows, each balcony, that makes apartment look more spacious, convenient and flexible. Further more, there are many hanging gardens between each storey, which are a great benefit to residents’ living environment, they makes the enviroment more fresh and promotes harmony lifestyle.

In case you do not find apartment in Berriver Long Bien, please find your new home at Mipec Riverside apartment in Long Bien district which is another option apartment in Long Bien district.

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