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If you are looking for apartment, house or villa for rent in Hanoi. Golden Lodge Real Estate takes care all your housing needs in Hanoi. We are here to try find best property to match your special and requirements based on location, property type and your budget.

With an individual housing lease agreement is arranged through Golden Lodge Real Estate, our management services are free during your stay.

Our services to clients included as follow:

Contact to our team now, we will give you the best advice you need. And we understand that the best advertisement for our services makes you happy!

Contact info:

       Address   : Nhat Tan, Tay Ho District, Hanoi, Vietnam

        Mobile     : 097.774.1977

        Phone     : 097.774.1977

        Emai       : contact.goldenlodge@gmail.com

        Website  : https://goldenlodge.com.vn/