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Would you like to rent a luxury villas in Vinhome Riverside Hanoi? And if you are looking for a high-class serviced villas in Vinhomes Riverside compound with comprehensive services, lush ecological gardens in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood. This place is one of the best villas for rent in Hanoi which we would like to recommend you and Vinhomes Riverside Hanoi is utmust in Long Bien district.
Vinhomes Riverside villa owns a fabulous location, at the Northeast gateway of capital, far about 6.5km from Hoan Kiem Lake. From this location, you can easily access to other main district such as: Hai Ba Trung through Vinh Tuy bridge, Ba Dinh through Chuong Duong and Long Bien bridge, Hoan Kiem, Tay Ho area, Tu Liem & Thanh Xuan by Thanh Tri bridge, Dong Anh dist and Noi Bai airport by Dong Tru bridge.
There are 2 options of Vinhomes Riverside villas for rent: detached villas and semi-detached villas. Surrounding the villas complex is an artificial river system, which was inspired from Venice in France, it is universally acknowledged that Venice is considered as the most beautiful city in the world. These nice villas are set in lush tropical garden.  The construction density is also low here. 
The overall plan on Vinhomes Riverside complex ensures every villa owner have their own private space. Villas complex owns a distinctive design style, helping residents always feel refreshed, energized and enjoy a beautiful life everyday. Nothing is better than wake up with the early morning breeze, go sightseeing or go fishing with your family members.
Vinhomes Riverside Hanoi is well-known as a self-contained eco-urban development, not as Tay Ho villa for rent. Residents of Vinhomes Riverside  are offered a diversified range of high-class services and state-of-the-art amenities. This complex are perfectly harmonized with the surrounding 600,000m2 of green and lake. Vincom Plaza – a shopping center locates within the facility for everyday shopping needs. There are many facilities for your family, espeacillyyou’re your children such as: British International School, Five star standard gym and Indoor or outdoor swimming pool, a modern mini Golf course,  fitness center at Vinhomes health club etc.
On the other hand, residents are offered the cleanest water source, that is filtered by Vinhomes Water Purification System with International standard under a strict control. It is impossible to find a second system like this in anywhere else except in Vinhomes Riverside.
Residents in Vinhomes Riverside have right to use all utilities, services provided and experience a high class lifestyle.
  • Vinhomes Shopping Mall named Vincom Plaza is arranged over 5 floors and covered a total land of 45.000m2. There is a massive LED screen in front of the shopping mall. This is one of the best option when you want to shop for internationally-renowned brands, watch the hottest film or escape the heat.
  • Almaz is known as the food court and amusement complex of Vinhomes Riverside. Almaz covers a large area of 2.5 ha, which was designed by top architects. This is an ideal destination for both locals and expats to organize luxury events, enjoy shopping and amusement activities or experience wide range of dining with gourmet cuisines from Vietnam, China, Japan and Europe as well. Almaz offers a variety of signature dishs, which are served by talented enthusiastic chef.
  • Vinhomes Health Club with comprehensive international-standard technology, offering therapy sessions and fitness programs, contributing to healthy lifestyle of residents.  Residents of Vinhomes Riverside will be offered 10 years of free membership for all villas paid this fee in advance. Thus if you rent one of these villas you also have free to use as a membership handovered from the landlords.
  • Vinhomes Riverside Sports complex offers a wide range of active and gentle sports at all levels. There are 2 football fields and 6 tennis courts, 2 outdoor swimming pools, which covers a total land of 4.500m2 in Bang Lang and Hoa Sua residential zones. Besides that, there is a 20-tall international standard driving range covering 6,526m2. Not only does it offers residents of Vinhomes Riverside a safe place to enjoy recreational and competitive sporting events, but Sport Complex also helps to promote healthy lifestyle.
  • Vinhomes Jura park was built on the 10,000 sqm of land size including sport center, outdoor BBQ garden, camping and many kinds of Dragon models available in this park. This is the best place for all kids playing in Vinhomes Riverside and neighbor villages.
Vinhomes Riverside Education:
The Bristish International School (BIS) offers UK standard English curriculum tailored to the need of students. Vinschool Kindergaten provides the best practices of local and international education, which is refined and combined in order to develope students' self-confidence, build self-discipline and foster the positive personal qualities vital to job success in the increasingly globalized environment while preserving Vietnamese traditions and culture.
Vinhomes Riverside Vinschool Kindergarten located behind the Vincom Plaza shopping center. However this school only offers for all kids who able to speak Vietnamese. The school inherits the campus and many modern facilities, creating an educational environment with international standard that is safe, hygienic and well-equipped with age-appropriate amenities, will the best response to the care of preschool children.
All villa for rent in Vinhomes Riverside Hanoi are designed with modern style including garden and river back to house. This is a luxurious, secured and high standard compound after Ciputra Hanoi complex.
  • Bang Lang zone (123 villas) owns the largest zize detached villas and semi-detached villas, almost head office buildings of Vinhomes group located here.
  • Hoa Sua zone (529 villas) has both semi-detached and detached villas, this area is quite near Almaz and mini golf-course.
  • Hoa Lan zone (220 villas) possesses both modern luxurious semi-detached and detached villas. The British International school is located here.
  • Hoa Phuong area (342 villas) is the most impressive zone in Vinhomes Riverside with low construction density, it is very close to Almaz. This zone is divided into many areas including semi-detached and detached villas.
  • Anh Dao zone (366 villas) is home of detached villas, which are not surrounded by canal. There are some semi-detached villas have access to the river.
Not stopping at the title “Land of Peace” or “Venice city of capital”, Vinhomes Riverside Hanoi also meets the requirements of residents, offering an unparalleled lifestyle of services and amenities in a tranquil and fresh living enviroment.
For more information about this Vinhomes Riverside, please do not hesitate to contact to Golden Lodge Real Estate.

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