Apartments for rent in Long Bien district, Mipec Riverside apartment rental

Long Biên District is an urban district of Hanoi city where situated along the northern bank of Red river. The east is near Song Duong river, the west is near Red river. Access to Long Bien district is easy with Chuong Duong bridge, Long Bien bridge, Vinh Tuy bridge etc.

Nowadays Long Bien district is one of the place which many foreigners choose to live. Apartment for rent in Mipec Riverside or apartment in Berriver apartment building is an example with many apartments available at Golden Lodge Real Estate Agent. This brand new apartment building is next to Red river, Long Bien bridge or Chuong Duong bridge including 02 bedrooms and 3 bedroom apartment for rent, furnished, unfurnished.

Find your home at our website if you do not find any apartment for rent in Long Bien, please tell us your needs, we will help you to find your right home.

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Apartments in Long Bien

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