Luxury apartments for rent in Indochina Plaza Hanoi with Swimming pool & Gym

Indochina Plaza Hanoi (IPH) is the most significant multifuntional combination launched in Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular. Indochina Plaza Hanoi offers a dynamic living enviroment by creating a senior complex, that consists of apartments buildings, retail spaces, commercial complex.
Thanks to its  high level of comfort in a contemporary design together with high end facilities, Indochina Plaza Hanoi will bring an exclusive lifestyle, which satifies all the most strict international living standards.
Location of Indochina Plaza Hanoi
Situated at 241 Xuan Thuy Street, Hanoi. Indochina Plaza owns a strategic position in the Western gateway of the capital, on the key intersections of  Xuan Thuy Street and Pham Van Dong Street, Pham Hung Street. Indochina Plaza Hanoi (IPH) plays a role as the first senior multipurpose complex of  Hanoi. This project covers a total land of 1.6ha at Cau Giay/ My Dinh District, Hanoi. The front of Indochina Plaza is the Xuan Thuy S7 train station, which contributes to generate added-values by connecting this area with Hanoi center.
Amenities and Facilities in Indochina Plaza Hanoi
Sport center
Covering a total area more than 3.500m2, Elite Fitness & Spa is the most modern luxury gyms with state-of-the-art facilities,  cardio equipment with touch screen which interacts with iPhone and iPad, 4-seasons swimming pools, varied gynasium and schedules with hundreds classes per week, including Yoga, Indoor Cycling Gym, dance classes and Aerobics.
Besides that, Elite Spa is for those who want to get health therapy experience in an absolutely quiet and stress-free space.
Outdoor swimming pool
2 outdoor swimming pools are set in the roof of the 5th floor with panoramic view of IPH and looking out to the landscape of capital. These pools are designed to adapt to Hanoi’s climate and temporary lifestyle.  Swimming pool is performed by the soft wavy roof, which covers total area of 25m2, offering umbrageous space all year round. Pool for kids locates closely, which is designed with colorful roof, helping to absorb less heat, reflect more sunlight to make funny rainbow.
Indochina Plaza Hanoi Community Club
Residences are living in Indochina Plaza Hanoi will have right to access to the community center, which covers an area of 400m2 and event venue at the 5th floor. This will be an ideal place for family meetings, small/ large-scale events or cozy parties. There are 2 billiards tables, Ping Pong tables, projectors, wifi, outdoor playground and other modern convenient facilities.
Kindergarten in IPH
Indochina Plaza Hanoi has an kindergarten combined with daily babysitting services and outdoor playground. Parents can take the stress out of  their daily life and feel free to go to work, play sport, relax in spa, go shopping or enjoy meal in restaurant.
Ranges of urban-standard services
Commercial center is the convergence of hundreds of well-known local and global brands
4D cinema is put in use
Europe and Asian restaurants
Types of apartment for rent in Indochina Plaza Hanoi
Indochina Plaza Hanoi provides a hundred personal apartments for rent in Hanoi as well as some typical serviced apartments in Hanoi from 2, 3, 4 bedrooms and penthouses with details below:
  • 2 bedrooms apartment: from 92m2 to 98m2 (136 apartments)
  • 3 bedrooms apartment: from 110m2 to 147m2 (232 apartments)
  • 4 bedrooms apartment (sub-penthouse): from 200m2 to 217m2
  • Penthouse with private pool: 270m2
Indochina Plaza building in Cau Giay district is designed with 2 storey parking lot and a mezzanine for motorbikes. Spacious storey parking lot ensures seperated space for each apartment owner.
Should you need any assistances or clarification about apartments for rent in Indochina Plaza Hanoi. Please do not hesitate to contact to Golden Lodge Real Estate. Many apartments for rent comes with fully furnished or unfurnished listed below.
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