Trang An Complex apartment rent with furnished or unfurnished

Trang An Complex is a high class project, which has been invested by GP – Invest. The project is situated at 01 Phung Chi Kien, Cau Giay District, Hanoi. Trang An Complex apartment for rent located in a key area, which owns completed infrastructure, convenient transportation, flexible connection with many administration centers and neighbor areas.
Location of Trang An Complex
Trang An Complex is situated at 01 Phung Chi Kien Street, Nghia Do, Cau Giay, Hanoi, which is a widen road, convenient transportation, closed to the traffic intersection of Buoi Road, just 100m far away Hoang Quoc Viet Street, Nguyen Van Huyen street is directly connected with Nhat Tan bridge, shorten the distance to Noi Bai International Airport and other tourism attractions.
  • The façade of northern road faces towards the gate of school with 7 – 9m width and will be expanded continously in the short coming time thanks to the urban planning project.
  • The northen road, which runs across the multi-purpose area, Truong An and adjacent areas is 10m width.
  • The southern road, which lies on the right of Truong Thinh apartment tower is from 10m to 13.3m in width.
  • The eastern road, adjacent to villa complex is 10m in width.
Trang An Complex Cau Giay is just 1km far away from Westlake, you can admire the romantic beauty of Westlake, enjoy fresh breeze flowing around even in your apartment and enjoy the harmonious and friendly lifestyle, which make every new day fullfilled with happiness.
Scale of Trang An Complex apartment rentals
  • Total land area: 26,836 m2
  • Total built-up area: 23,315 m2
  • Construction density: 40.39%
  • CT1 Truong An Tower: 23 storeys high with a total of 260 apartments
  • CT2 Truong Thanh Tower: 29 storeys with a total of 600 apartments and 18 penthouses.
  • Truong Thinh Tower: Commercial center, high-class office, sport center, 4-season swimming pool, high-class restaurants.
  • Villas block: 11 luxurious villas
  • Adjacent villa area: 20 semi-detached villas
  • Truong Xuan Park covers a total area of 3,810sqm including: light square, urban green space, aquarium, lawns along with walking paths, fountains ...
  • Basement: 2 basements, each basement covers a total area of 15,052 m2.
Floorplan of Trang An Complex apartment building
There are some apartments for rent in Trang An Complex in Cau Giay district with 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms, 4 bedrooms or penthouse such as:
  • 2 bedroom apartment measures approximately (CLR – Clearance): 74,5 m2 – 77m2 – 79,5m2 – 80,6m2
  • 3 bedroom apartment measures approximately (CLR – Clearance): 87,4m2 – 104m2
  • 3 bedroom apartment + 1 multifunctional room measures approximately (CLR – Clearance): 142,2m2 – 143,3m2
  • Truong An Tower: 13 apartments/storey
  • CT2 Truong Thanh A: 13 apartments/storey from the 3rd floor to 29th floor and 9 penthouses.
  • CT2B Truong Thanh B: 12 apartments/storey from the 3rd floor to 29th floor and 9 penthouses.
Amenites and Facilities of Trang An Complex rent
Not only does situated in the most prime location, Trang An Complex Phung Chi Kien also owns many high-class amenities both inside and outside such as:
Truong Xuan Park: covering a total area of 3.810sqm including Light Square, fountain, aquarium, green area, lawns along with walking paths, that offers a peaceful living enviroment.
On the 1st and 2nd floor of CT1 and CT2 Truong Thanh Tower: supermarket and commercial center.
The multifunctional tower on the 14th floor of Truong Thinh apartment tower: high-class office area, entertainment center, health club, gymnastic & 4 seasons swimming pool , high class restaurants.

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