Vinhomes Times City Park Hill apartments with furnished or unfurnished, 1 – 4 bedrooms

Luxury apartments in Vinhomes Times City Park Hill are designed and arranged in harmony with overall community to maximize benefits and functions of state-of-the-art utilities, the perfect service system makes Vinhomes Time City worth living in for the long-term. In addition to modern modern décor and safe construction in general, resident of Vinhomes Times City can bring his or her unique style and make it their own.

Built from the principles of living within environment, this project owns eco-friendly architecture inspired of Singapore island. Vinhomes Times City Hanoi is a superior living complex with high class facilities, that provides a safe and comfortable living environment for you and your family.

Scale of Vinhomes Times City Hanoi
With a total land area of 360.500m2 square meters, Times City complex urban area is devided into many functional subdivisions with many apartments for rent which including: luxury apartment building, high class commercial center, giant entertainment center, food court, the first aquarium in Hanoi, green park and lake covers more than 100.000 square meters.

Apartment buildings in Vinhomes Times City Hanoi

  • T1 apartment building set over 26 floors
  • T2 apartment building with 30 floors
  • T3 apartment building with 31 floors
  • T4 apartment building with 26 floors
  • T5 apartment building with 27 floors
  • T6 apartment building with 27 floors
  • T7 apartment building with 27 floors
  • T8 apartment building with 32 floors
  • T9 apartment building with 32 floors
  • T10 apartment building with 24 floors
  • T18 apartment building with 35 floors

Plus there are 2 basements for supermarket and 2 basements for car and motorbike parking. Constructed on 364.500 sqm of land area, Times City will offer more than 900 apartments in each apartment building and more than 200.000 sqm of floor service.

Types of apartment for rent in Vinhomes Times City

  • 01 bedroom apartment: 53 sqm of living space which is designed with 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1 living room and 1 kitchen.
  • 02 bedroom apartment: 82.1 sqm of living space which is designed with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 living room and 1 kitchen.
  • 03 bedroom apartment offers 103.1 sqm and 109.2 sqm of living space which is designed with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 living room and 1 kitchen.

Utilities & Services of Times City Hanoi for all residents
Vinhomes Times City has many included utilities, good services for Vinhomes Times City’s residents. The luxury project doesn't only enjoy entire Times utilities which is invested synchronizedly, completely to put into use but also enjoy technical infrastructure as well as society of surrounding Urban Areas such as Vinhomes Royal City, Vincom Center Ba Trieu, Park Hill, Garmuda ….

  • Club activities
  • Professional sport and fitness centre, swimming pool
  • Green space and landscaped garden in buildings
  • Playgrounds for children.
  • Camera system.
  • Back-up generator.
  • School from Preschool to Highschool level.
  • Concierge service.
  • 24/7 hour security
  • Basement parking lot.

Commercial Center at Vinhomes Times City Hanoi
Shopping center area included supermarket with the area of 11.500 sqm is the heart of Vincom Mega Mall Vinhomes Times City. At Vinhomes Times City, smart supermartket systems are scientifically arranged in a hormary with the general population, creating favourable maximum conditions for the residents in travelling, searching and choosing essential commodities for daily life.

With the presence of hundreds of well-known brand name as fashion, jewelry, cosmetics, fragrances, accessories, electronics, furniture ... in domestic and international, Trade center Vincom Mega Mall - Vinhomes Times City will become a modern and crowded shopping in Southeast Hanoi in particular and Vietnam in general - where you can experience and satisfy the shopping passion.

Especially, Times City had received investment from Vingroup to develop high quality education and medical system, which aim to improve and close tight the utilities system of this project, offering a perfect living enviroment for residents. Accordingly, Vinschool Education System systemt provides full continual curriculum from kindergarten through to high school. Educational philosophy of Vinschool is focusing on students’ comprehensive development from an early stage, refining and combining the quintessence of national education and international education, offering a preeminent education model, in which students are equipped with essential qualities to become a “global citizens yet maintaining the identity and soul of Vietnam.

Hospital in Vinhomes Times City with modern facilities
Besides that, Vinmec International General Hospital locates within Times City Hanoi with over 600 self-contained inpatient and outpatient departments with major  investment for medical facilities and equipments, provides high quality health care services Times City’s residents in particular and Vietnamese in general. Vinmec is considered as a prestigious and safe health care address, where provides international-standard medical services with reasonable cost.

Vinmec hospital has been developed on the upper class, international standard Hospital Facilities model (Hospital - Hotel) with superior infrastructure, first-class facilities and premium services. Vinmec is also the first the first Hospital – Hotel in Vietnam. At Vinmec, the patient does not only get comprehensive treatment, respect, words of consolation, understanding, high quality facilities, 5 star standard medical services but also be able to select optional examination, accommodation and nursing conditions.

With more than 600 self-contained, luxury, comfort inpatient departments and other specilized and high tech medical groups, Vinmec have been becoming a prestigious health care address for residents of capital, a strong brand name in the healthcare industry, which is competitive and attractive to residents who live in Southeast Asia.

Green environment
Green campus and lake cover a total land of 100.000 square meters, designed and logically arrange within the project creating a distinctive highlight, brings green, fresh and peaceful spaces to residents, makes the ideal of a modern urban area, a green, clean, civilized, fully-equipped facilities city come true.

With the harmonious combination and unique interference between European and Asian architecture. Vinhomes Times City bring to the rental market in Hanoi with many apartments for rent in Hanoi in general and apartments in Vinhomes Times City for rent in particular. This luxury apartment project also is expected to be a urban area model, the key factor that wakes up the potential and contributes to change the appearance of the Northern zone and bring a young and modern living enviroment to your family.

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