Luxury Vinhomes Royal City Apartments for rent with modern furniture

Golden Lodge Real Estate Agent has a huge updated data of apartment for rent in Royal City Hanoi with furnished or unfurnished, with modern furniture, garden, shopping center, swimming pool, fitness center etc. Vinhomes Royal City Hanoi is prime located at 72A-74 Nguyen Trai Road, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi which covering a total land area of 120,945m2.

Royal City is a great urban complex of intelligent connections between functional and public facilities, and is designed to eco-architecture standards with a large green coverage of about 70,000m2, providing a clean, natural and tranquil ambience right in the heart of the city. Royal City Hanoi offer thousands European royal style architecture, using high-end, modern and safe technology for your family to start  living a more fulfilling life today. This project has wide green  coverage, diversed services, that satifies all inhabitants’needs. All apartment buildings in Vinhomes Royal City are applied with eco-friendly solutions for energy-saving and pollution reduction.

Abundance of Vinhomes Royal City Apartment rental at building from R1 to R6 (4460 apartments)

  • R1 building benefits 942 apartments with diverse area of 88.3m2 – 200.8m2 from 1 – 4 bedrooms.
  • R2 building contains 942 apartments, with varied area of 88.3m2 – 151.7m2 from 2 to 3 bedrooms.
  • R3 building from 109.2m2 to 221.5m2, with 2-4 bedrooms
  • R4 building with 2-3 bedrooms in area of 93m2- 137m2.
  • R5 building with 2-3 bedrooms in area of 93m2- 137.6m2.
  • R6 building with 1-2 bedrooms in area of 93m2- 162.2m2.

Types of Vinhomes Royal City Apartments Rental
All apartments for rent in Royal City have diversed size, over than 88.3 square meters with 39 different types of apartments in Hanoi. Apartment furnitures are logically arranged, creating many private spaces to meet the highest living and resting requirements of family members.

  • 02 bedroom apartments: 88,3 – 89,8 – 96,3 – 104 – 108,7 – 109 – 110 – 114,5 – 113,9sqm
  • 03 bedroom apartments: 124 – 130 – 136 – 144 – 146 – 151 – 164 – 151,7 – 179,8 – 181,4 – 187,3 – 200 sqm.
  • 04 bedroom apartments: 181,4 – 187,3 – 200 -221sqm.

Interior design of Royal City Apartments Hanoi
Residents of Vinhomes Royal City will have opportunity to enjoy a comfortable, safe and happy life in luxury, modern apartment, which is fullfill with high class furnitures. In addition to luxury and modern interior design, every apartment in Vinhomes Royal City has been quipped with management and safety control system: energy-efficient ligh bulbs, doorbell cameras, main door lock and void locker with modern and luxurious appearance.

Royal City Apartment facilities – For a comfortable life “Green – Smart”
Each block in Vinhomes Royal City has automatic barrier to go up to apartment and down to basement, lobby and lounge  are equipped with international standard air conditioner and ventilation. Apartments in Royal City Hanoi are provided with sufficient water and electricity supply according to safe, modern, hygenic and eco-friendly criterias.

Discover the Wonders of Vincom Mega Mall Royal City
Vincom Mega Mall Royal City is a popular spot for Architecture and Art, visitors can have chance to take pleasure in relaxing the heart of city with undeniable tour, taking delight in contemplating the magnificent and elegant architecture, walking in the European garden by the ancient vehicles, spending time to go shopping, enjoy cozy space, excellent food with your family, friends at the food court in Vincom Mega Mall Royal City, relaxing in recreation center or treating yourself in spa etc.

Let’s discover all the beautiful wonders inside Vincom Mega Mall Royal City – The most attractive destination of Hanoi

  • Square area covers a total land of 30.000m2, there are plenty of wonderful large-scale sculptures, which is designed in European garden architecture with trees of temperate climates. This is an ideal place for hosting big-scale events in a luxurious, modern, romantic and European style location.
  • As soon as visitors enter the main entrance of the commercial center, there is a impressive giant waterfall, that is sparkling and 14 meters in height, transfering a bold Vietnamese cutural message: This is depicted as the carp leaping to transform into a dragon. The carp images is flying to the blue cloud and turning into dragon under the rythmical sparkling water flow, that is lively represented. Visitors can admire the exquisitely and romantic beauty of a paradise in the heart of city.
  • The shopping complex covers a total area of 150.000m2 with 600 departments, offering the most diversified variety of goods in Vietnam. In Vinhomes Mega Mall Royal City, the pavilions are distributed in various areas under different categories to to highlight specific sectors of the industry, this arrangement will offer the first class assistants to the buyers. Customers can easily look for any products in specified section such as: Furniture, Electrics,  Household Appliances, Fashion, Cosmetics, Jewerly, that is logically arranged in the B2 floor. Modern booth design, high-quality products and services, and attractive promotion programes will satify the most fastidious shoppers.
  • Food court in Vincom Mega Mall Royal City covers a total area of 44.000m2, that area converges more than 200 restaurants. Visitors can explore many different cuisines, that allows you to enjoy the exclusive decoration and sample local cuisines.  There are 2 types of restaurant, one is closed-kitchen restaurant with widen space, another is opened-kitchen restaurant – one of the most trendy type of restaurant nowaday, that is very attractive to customers. Visitors also can enjoy food right in the Vincom Mega Mall Royal City, where is home of many luxurious restaurants. Old Quarters is lively represented in an unique, new and friendly style. You can enjoy foods distinct of different countries in the world: Vietnamese and Chinese food street, Japanese and Korean restaurant, European restaurant, Thai restaurant, Vinseafood, hot-pot, coffee shop & snacks, etc.

Exclusive entertainment and education system Vincom Mega Mall Royal City

  • Outdoor water park – Vinpearlland Water Park Royal City with concept of “Tropical Jungle”, that covers a total area of 24.000m2, operated through 4 seasons. This does not only make adventurous persons to be thrilled with joy by upstream pools, jacuzzies, surfing pools but also offer temporary moments of fun and amusement.
  • The Vietnam's first “world-class” indoor ice rink: Vinpearlland Ice Rink Royal City has a total area of 3.000m2, ability to serve 150 customers per one-hour session and the temperature is maintained under 0oC. This is not only an ideal destination to enjoy some cool air but also a perfect place for beginners eager to strap on skates and start to play a winter sport game for the first time. Winter sport games such as ice skating, hockey are just popular in Temperate climate countries and player will be trained by professional instructors. Vinpearlland Ice Skating Club often host attractive events for their members, competitions, temporary art performances.
  • There are up to 72 emergency exit stairs in a lobby system, which is logically arranged to help visitors conveniently travel around. Rest stop area is a specific place that is isolated with outside booths, seating system and palm trees will offer a soothing and relaxing feeling. At the weekend, there are Europe street style dance performances.
  • Especially, whether customers have travel demand within the commercial center, they can use taxi services with ancient electric vehicles, that is designed in elegant antique style in the 20th. This is also a new service introduced for the first time in Vietnam. Electric taxi services is a must-try thing, a special highlight, offering an impressive experiment to visitors. You can admire the biggest entertainment space and enjoy shopping in an exclusive way.

Primier Amenities in Vinhomes Royal City

  • Vinmec International Hospitals and Clinics in Vinhome Mega Mall Royal City: With the aim to provide the best possible healthcare for the citizens are living and working in Hanoi, especially for residents of Vincom Mega Mall Royal City, Vinmec International Hospitals officially open Vinmec International Clinics.
  • Offices for lease in Vincom Mega Mall Royal City: Office buildings Royal City belongs to the combination of “Commercial center – Office – High class apartment”, located at Thanh Xuan District, approximately 5km far away from the Hanoi center and at the convergence of many traffic arteries connecting Hanoi center with the new business center.
  • The largest basement parking  in Vietnam: The largest underground parking garage in Royal City with high tech and intelligent access control system, ensuring the safety of a large amount of vehicles of residents and guests, contributing to parking problems of Hanoi.
  • Green park: With 70.000m2 green park logically designed and arranged, Royal City provides a widen, clean and quiet space, that makes Royal City becomes a model of ecological  residential, serves to the aim of protecting enviroment  and offering more benefit to residents in the heart of Hanoi.
  • Education in Vinhomes Royal City Hanoi: In addition to self-contain services, Vinhomes Royal City also delivers a completed international education system such as: Vinschool, British International School (BIS) that will provide all ideal conditions for both physical and mental development of future generations.

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