Finding apartments in Mandarin Garden Hanoi in Cau Giay district

Mandarin Garden Hanoi complex owns a prime location on Hoang Minh Giam Street, in the middle of Dong Nam urban area on Tran Duy Hung and Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh – the most vibrant commеrcial districts in Hanoi.
Mandarin Garden Hanoi adjacent to the key routes with many main large and wide open roads, residents will be provided regional connections and access to the town center via:

  • Southwest: adjacent to Hoang Minh Giam Street, adjoining with Nhan Chinh Park that covers a total land of 13ha and 8ha of lake surface.
  • Northwest: adjoining with Amsterdam School, conviently get to key routes on Tran Duy Hung Street and Nguyen Chi Thanh Street.
  • Northeast: adjacent to 2,8ha green park, Hoang Dao Thuy Street, Le Van Luong Street – Lang Ha Street.
  • Southeast: adjoining with Nguyen Thi thap and easily access to Khuat Duy Tien Street.

Types of apartments in Mandarin Garden Hanoi
Mandarin Garden Hanoi located at plot of land No. 3 belongs to Southeast on Tran Duy Hung Street, Hanoi. This project consists of 4 towers divided into 4 blocks: A, B, C, D each tower has from 25 to 29 floors.

The project has been completed and is being handed over to owners. There are many available 2 or 3 bedrooms Mandarin Garden Hanoi apartments for rent in Cau Giay district and for sales. These flats are from 114 to 172 square meters in area. Duplex apartment is from 266,7 to 324 square meters in area with 4 bedrooms. Or Luxurious penthouse is from 371 to 449 square meters.

Mandarin Garden Hanoi apartment buildings devided:

  • Block A: 127 apartments in total, distributed from the 5th to 24th floor. Devided into 7 types from 122,7 square meters, from 2 to 4 bedrooms.
  • Block B: 346 apartments in total, distributed from the 2sd to the 28th floor. Devided into 15 types from 114,2 to 297,9 square meters, from 2 to 4 bedrooms.
  • Block C: 346 apartments in total are distributed from the 2sd floor and over. Devided into 15 types from 114,2 to 297,8 square meters, from 2 to 4 bedrooms.
  • Block D: 189 apartments in total are devided into 11 types, from 2 to 4 bedrooms with area from 124,2 to 297,8 square meters.

Besides the master bedrooms, each apartment in Mandarin Garden Hanoi has seperated bedrooms for maid or housekeeper and multifunction space for reading room, study room, bedroom or palce of worship…depending on family’s needs.
Interior are designed by Finenco Architects - Italy with the ideal of creating a quiet space for bedrooms and a common area for livingroom and kitchen.

Multifunctional rooms are logically arranged with spacious sides for the efficient use of the space, with plenty of windows to provide effective internal lighting and air circulation.

Modern facilities and amenities at Mandarin Garden Hanoi
Situated in the middle of Southeast of Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh – this area owns a completed and modern social infrastructure, Mandarin Garden Hanoi has great advantages of utilities system, which meets the residents’ needs.

  • Fresh living enviroment with walking garden and lush green trees, swimming pool is 9.000m2 in area.
  • Well-aired spaces with green trees and outdoor swimming pools.

The project is situated in the heart of an ecological community, taking 15 mins of driving to Trang An Complex, surrounded by lush green space, the front of project is 130.000 square meters Nhan Chinh Park with 80.000 square meters lake surface. There is a green park at the back of  Mandarin Garden and 9.000 square meters walking gardens and pools in the middle. Mandarin Garden Hanoi is full of favorable conditions to bring fresh air and friendly natural environment to the residents.

It is really an ideal living enviroment with all state-of-the-art facilities: pool, commercial center, supermarket, gymnasium, spa,…right in the Mandarin Gargen campus.

Other oustanding utilities add-on in Mandarin Garden Hanoi
This project have been designed by P & T from Singapore and Finenco Architect – Italy. Mandarin Garden complex owns community spaces and high class services:

  • 2 storey parking lot ensures parking space for all families.
  • 600 square meters swimming pool is situated in the building center and walking garden.
  • Commercial center, supermarket, community space. Kindergarten, safe playground and elderly public space.
  • Other onsite facilities such as: multi-purpose gymnasium, yoga class, luxury spa, ect.

The buildings are under management of  professional agency with high quality services and up-to-date management systems, with appropriate security system.

Mandarin Garden Hanoi closes to Amsterdam School, Grand Plaze Hotel, Government Administration Offices National Convention, Big C supermarket and other commercial and amusement centers. Mandarin Garden inherits the entire available social and technical infrastructure that efficiently for residents.

The lists of latest apartment for rent in Mandarin Garden Hanoi below. Find your new Hanoi apartment to rent now or contact to Golden Lodge Real Estate directly.

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