Long Bien Area Guides with many destinations to discovery

Long Bien district is the district of Hanoi with a total area over 60 kilometers, situated at the north side of the Red River. The east side of Long Bien district is adjacent to the Duong River, the west side is adjacent to the Red River, the opposite side is Tay Ho, Hoan Kiem, Ba Dinh and Hai Ba Trung District, the south side is adjacent to Gia Lam Province.

Long Bien District covers a total area of 60.38 km2, the district's population in 2003 is about 271.000 citizens.

Long Bien District consists of 14 wards: Bo De, Cu Khoi, Duc Giang, Gia Thuy, Giang Bien, Long Bien, Ngoc Lam, Ngoc Thuy, Phuc Dong, Phuc Loi, Sai Dong, Thach Ban, Thuong Thanh, Viet Hung.

Real estate market in Long Bien District

Long Bien is a rapidly urbanized area. Recently, many urban areas has been formed such as Viet Hung, Bo De, Ngoc Thuy, Thuong Thanh, Sai Dong, Thach Ban, others urban area and high class apartment buildings such as:

Living enviroment in Long Bien District

Long Bien district owns a spacious living enviroment. While the center area of Hanoi is facing with the problem “the bustle and hustle of the metropolitan”, polluted enviroment, in the other hand, Long Bien is very spacious and surrounded by lush green area and very few skyscraper buildings. This is considered as an huge advantages of Long Bien district when “Green living”is becoming an popular and important trend of Hanoian.

Long Bien’s main transportation system

Long Bien consists of the full range of transport modes including: roads, railways and waterways. There are many highways in Long Bien district: 1A highway, 5 highway, Hanoi – Haiphong, Hanoi – Lang Son, Dong Tru Bridge, Vinh Tuy Bridge, extended 5th highway, etc. Most recently, the investment of 2 routes from the bank of Red River and Bay Bridge – Thach Ban route helping in widening and uninterruptedly connecting with the main transportation system of the eastern gateway of Hanoi.

The railway passes through Hai Phong, Lang Son, Thai Nguyen, Lao Cai. The railway passes through several district is the 1st route (Ngoc Hoi – Yen Vien), the 4th route (Lien Ha – Bac Thang Long), of which the 1st route is being invested.

Where to go in Long Bien district?

Long Bien is a big district of Hanoi. It is very popular for its history attractions such as Long Bien Bridge, Ghenh Temple, Bo De Pagoga, Le Mat village, besides that there are many special festivals such as Giong festival in Phu Dong village.

Village Food Culture Sun Red River 306A, Phu Vien, Long Bien district, Hanoi

  • AEON Mall
  • Vincom Plaza
  • Shopping center at Mipec Riverside
  • Savico Mall
  • Shopping, Long Bien golf, hospital, etc.

Schools in Long Bien district

There are many schools in this area:

  • Nguyen Gia Thieu High School (1950)
  • BVIS located in Vinhomes Riverside compound
  • International School Wellspring (2011)
  • Ly Thuong Kiet High School (2002)
  • Thach Ban High School (2012)
  • Phuc Loi High School
  • British International School (BIS) located in Vinhomes Riverside compound
  • LFAY school (Lycée français Alexandre Yersin) located in Ngoc Thuy ward.