Tay Ho area travel guides with many attractive places to lure

Tay Ho district is considered as the most acient district of Hanoi, goes after Hoan Kiem with many years of history. Nowadays, Tay Ho district is  service – tourism center, cultural center and the protection of of Hanoi’s natural landscapes. Situated in the northwest of Hanoi, covering a total area of 24 km2 of land size, including 8 wards: Buoi, Quang An, Nhat Tan, Yen Phu, Thuy Khue, Tu Lien, Xuan La, Phu Thuong. Tay Ho’s terrain is quiet flat, tending to descend from north to south and this is home of the largest lake of Hanoi, this is romantic Ho Tay lake (Westlake).

Thanh Nien road at night

Location of Tay Ho district

Tay Ho district has a favourable natural conditions. The highlight of Tay Ho district if Ho Tay Lake, covering a total area of 526ha, which is considered as the lung of Hanoi. Since ancient times, Ho Tay Lake had taken an important role of tourism development thanks to convenient location.

Tay Ho is the fourth largest district in term of natural land afer Ha Dong, Long Bien and Hoang Mai. This district has about 2.401ha in total over 17.787 ha (takes 13.4%) land area of in the inner of Hanoi.

Tay Ho district locates at the north of Hanoi, adjacent many districts such as:

Adjacent Long Bien district at the East

Adjacent Bac Tu Liem district at the West

Adjacent Ba Dinh district at the South

Adjacent Dong Anh district at the North

Exclusive apartment buildings in Tay Ho district:

Tay Ho district is the oldest district of Hanoi, had been invested to develop  modern synchronous infrastructure but some projects still remain Vietnamese structure style.

Ciputra Hanoi complex

Tay Ho Tay urban

Golden Westlake Hanoi

Watermark Hanoi

Somerset West Point Hanoi

Somerset Westlake Hanoi

Elegant Westlake Suites

Fraser Suites

Golden Westlake Hanoi building on Thuy Khue street

Tay Ho district is one the best place in Hanoi which many foreigners come to live with many apartments for rent as well as houses for rent. This area also has abandance of amenities such as restaurants, shopping center, convenient stores, phamarcy, mini marts etc.

Main transportation system in Tay Ho district

Tay Ho district was invested to develop extremely modern transportation system such as the most beautiful route connecting from Hanoi center to Noi Bai International Airport and notably is Nhat Tan Bridge, it is not only has economic value but also has cultural value. Nhat Tan Bridge is the new symbol of Tay Ho right now.

Xuan Dieu street (Tay Ho – Hanoi): stretching from the T-junction with Nghi Tam street  => the T-junction of the beginning of Quang Ba village,  meeting the dyke of Red river, this road passess through Dang Thai Mai, Tay Ho, Ngoc Van street.

To Ngoc Van (Tay Ho – Hanoi): is 530 meters long, stretching from Xuan Dieu streets to Quang Ba village, to the T-junction of Quang Ba swimming pool, turning right to the gate of Hanoi Trade Union Tourism Company.

Vo Chi Cong (Tay Ho district) is the route which stretchs from Nhat Tan Bridge, passing through many ward of Tay Ho such as Phu Thuong, Xuan La, Buoi to intersection of Hoang Quoc Viet street, To Lich River, this streets is 4.5km long and the most widen section is 64.5 meter.

Lac Long Quan street (Tay Ho – Hanoi): the route is 4km long, starting from T-junction of Nhat Tan – Phu Xa on Red River dyke, streching from the west bank of Ho Tay lake to Buoi market, passing through People's Committee of Tay Ho district.

Thuy Khue street (Tay Ho – Hanoi) is 3.2km long, starting from Quan Thanh street, through Thanh Nien street (next to Tay Ho flower garden), passing stickily to the north bank of To Lich river and the south of Ho Tay lake to Buoi market, meeting Lac Long Quan street.

Where to go in Tay Ho district

Popular tourism village such as: Nghi Tam flower village, Nhat Tan apricot village, Phu Thuong apricot village, Quang Ba flower market.

Tourism attractions: Old Lady Pagoda, Ba Danh Pagoda, Tay Ho Temple, Uc Nien Pagoda, Quan Thanh Temple, Tran Quoc Temple, etc and many places.

Entertainment centers: Water park Ho Tay, Nghi Tam flower village, Red River rock area, Ho Tay area,…

Green Park Botanical Gardens.

Shopping center in Syrena Building at 51 Xuan Dieu street

Ho Tay (West Lake) at corner

Schools in Tay Ho district

Local primary schools: Dong Do, Dong Thai, Han Thuyen, Tu Lien…

Local secondary schools: Chu Van An, Tay Ho, Phan Chu Trinh,

International Schools: Singapore International School (SIS), Hanoi Academy School, United Nation International School (UNIS), Horizon International Bilingual School (HIBS) etc